My latest pysanky include both brown and white eggs, and a mix of traditional and freestyle designs.


I have recently been having a lot of fun experimenting with brown eggs for pysanky. I love the earthy quality of the dyes on the brown eggs. Here are a few:Image

Remade this pysanka by my Mom. Left- Mom’s pysanka circa approx. 1980. Right- mine, 2013.Image

This photo shows a brown egg pysanka in some of the final steps- at the final stage with all the wax on, and then with the wax removed. All left to do is to varnish and blow out the egg. Image

Since I have just moved half way down the east coast, I haven’t made too many new pysanky this Spring. I did have a chance, however, to enjoy a krashanka, which is a traditional Easter egg, hard-boiled, dyed one color. This differs a lot from pysanky, which are made on raw eggs and not eaten.


Orthodox Easter this year was on May 5

These pysanky served both as merch and fodder for a poster for the Wilhelm Brothers’ show at the Ukrainian Club in Philadelphia, PA!

wilhelm zymotic pysanky

Thank you to everyone who came out to my pysanky demo at the library! You were a lovely audience and asked such great questions! Special thanks to the Roslindale branch of the Boston Public Library for hosting my demo and exhibit for December and January!



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