I was given these tiny bantam eggs by a sweet man named Charles. These eggs are actually about 25 years old. They either feel empty or have just the tiniest bit of dried up yolk inside… they are very light. It was such a pleasure to decorate these, the tiniest pysanky I’ve made.the-littlest-pysanky

I now offer lovely nests for your pysanky eggs to rest in- a soft, natural and organic place for them to call home. Available in the studio and on Etsy.

Nest for Pysanky Eggs

Nest for Pysanky Eggs

Merry Christmas! Here are some of this year’s snowflake ornaments. Thanks again to Luba Petrusha for the design inspiration- these are replicas and variations of her snowflake designs.


Asheville Studio A is now on Etsy!


There you can purchase my ready-made pysanky! A few designs are up, and more will follow, as well as my other work.
You can always contact me directly, too, for a custom order.


Pysanky by Andrea Kulish at Studio A, Asheville

My latest pysanky include both brown and white eggs, and a mix of traditional and freestyle designs.


I have recently been having a lot of fun experimenting with brown eggs for pysanky. I love the earthy quality of the dyes on the brown eggs. Here are a few:Image

Remade this pysanka by my Mom. Left- Mom’s pysanka circa approx. 1980. Right- mine, 2013.Image


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