pysanky then and now

When I was a child, my mother taught Ukrainian Easter egg – pysanky – classes. While she taught I would sit there and make pysanky. I was around 8 years old or so, I don’t quite remember. I loved making these, and had a favorite- the deer with the various patterns encircling the bottom half of the egg. I made this egg at least 5 times when I was little. I recently found this old egg and another I had done when I was little, and remade them both. I was so happy to find them.. I hadn’t seen them in years. Some of the colors on the sunburst egg had faded a lot, but most of the colors on the deer egg remain vibrant, along with the red background of the sunburst.

I’ve taken up making pysanky again the past couple of years. I love doing it- when I sit down to create these I never want to stop. I get excited to make them and look forward to it. The eggs mean a lot to me- they’re part of my Ukrainian heritage, and are a link to my mother and family. Plus I am helping the world- Do you know about the legend about the evil monster chained to a mountain? The more pysanky that are made, the tighter his chains get, and the less evil that is in the world. So not only am I creating these beautiful eggs, I’m helping to save the world.