These are pysanky I’ve made this month and last for Roslindale Open Studios. I’ve made 22 since July, and have enjoyed it so much. I’m going to put the pysanky supplies away for a little while, as its time to make lamps… I do feel sad to put the supplies away, though I am excited to make lamps again- its been awhile.

The firsts are-

1. Using brown eggs. The top two pysanky are the first I’ve ever done on brown eggs. These are from the farmer’s market. The shells feel so strong. The light brown color goes so well especially with red and blue dyes.

2. Making up my own design from traditional elements. First time I’ve done this since I was a kid. The top right pysanka includes a ribbon, churches, trees, flowers, and crosses- various elements that I put together to create this design. The church, trees and flower form a small scene. The pysanky I make are usually designs copied from other pysanky.

3. My most time intensive pysanka. This is the one in the center. It took probably between 8 and 10 hours or so at least.