Merry Christmas! Here are some of this year’s snowflake ornaments. Thanks again to Luba Petrusha for the design inspiration- these are replicas and variations of her snowflake designs.



Asheville Studio A is now on Etsy!

There you can purchase my ready-made pysanky! A few designs are up, and more will follow, as well as my other work.
You can always contact me directly, too, for a custom order.


Pysanky by Andrea Kulish at Studio A, Asheville

My latest pysanky include both brown and white eggs, and a mix of traditional and freestyle designs.


I have recently been having a lot of fun experimenting with brown eggs for pysanky. I love the earthy quality of the dyes on the brown eggs. Here are a few:Image

Remade this pysanka by my Mom. Left- Mom’s pysanka circa approx. 1980. Right- mine, 2013.Image

This photo shows a brown egg pysanka in some of the final steps- at the final stage with all the wax on, and then with the wax removed. All left to do is to varnish and blow out the egg. Image

Since I have just moved half way down the east coast, I haven’t made too many new pysanky this Spring. I did have a chance, however, to enjoy a krashanka, which is a traditional Easter egg, hard-boiled, dyed one color. This differs a lot from pysanky, which are made on raw eggs and not eaten.


Orthodox Easter this year was on May 5